Top Benefits of Using MS Outlook Two Factor Authentication

outlook 2 step verification

When you try to access your Microsoft account, you may suddenly realize that your email account has been hacked. All your confidential information, from your bank details to your credit card details, are gone. Though you have set some form of online security to protect your email account, someone else was able to breach your data. If you have set the Microsoft Office outlook 2 step verification, you could have avoided the situation.

What is two-step authentication?
Two-step authentication, also known as two-tier verification, is a way to authenticate that your identity is genuine.

How does it work?
The first verification step starts the moment you try to log into your Microsoft account: you are asked to enter the username and the password. Microsoft Outlook two factor authentication is the second step that reconfirms the identity of the user. Outlook 2 step verification makes it difficult for anyone else to hack your account which reduces the risk factors.

How to activate two-step authentication?
You have to visit the Security Basics page from the Microsoft website and use the credentials of Microsoft account to log in. Click on the more security tab and turn Outlook 2 step verification on.

Two-step authentication using your smartphone:
As everybody has a smartphone these days and carries it while on the go, it is the most used tool for Outlook 2 step verification. Microsoft sends the authentication code that you need to enter after using the password to log onto your account.

Another well-known method is to receive the verification code on another email address of yours. You need to furnish the backup email address on which you want to receive the authentication code and enter the same when trying to sign into your Outlook account.

How does it protect your account?
As soon as you turn on the Microsoft Outlook email 2FA authentication, your email account will be secured. If someone tries to sign into your Outlook account from another country, the system will block him/her and you will be notified immediately. Even if you yourself use a new device to log into the account, Microsoft will send you an email at once.

Why should you turn on two-factor authentication?
If you think that password alone can secure the email account, you are wrong. There are applications that can generate billions of passwords within the fraction of a second. Moreover, there’s a tendency of users to set the same password for all their accounts, which makes it easier for the hackers to breach accounts. Thus, if you want to protect your email account, you need to activate Microsoft Outlook 2 step verification.

The 2FA email verification is important as it provides additional safety. Also, the authentication code mailed to your email account or contact number is hard to access by the hackers. The authentication code, along with the password can be used just once to log into your Microsoft account. It is similar to the one time password that you receive on your mobile while making any online transactions.