Setting Up Your CorpPass Account

Corporate pass (CorpPass), the portal for business and corporate entities to access Government e-services, was announced in the second half of 2016. Since its announcement, it has been slowly released and implemented, replacing many older access points used by corporate entities.

CorpPass will eventually be the digital identity for business entities and become the only method for corporate transaction online, such as interacting with the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore to file corporate taxes. The stated goal of CorpPass is to provide a single consolidated platform for local and foreign entities to transact with government bodies, eradicating the need for multiple logins to deal with each respective agency.

All locally registered entities in Singapore with a Unique Entity Number (UEN) are eligible and must eventually use CorpPass. Local corporate bodies without a UEN are inapplicable, but their foreign counterparts with a UEN can register for CorpPass.

Despite offering a simplified portal for access to government services, setting up your company’s CorpPass account can be tricky. This guide will bring you through what you need and what to do to set up a CorpPass account.

Registered Officer
The first step to a CorpPass account is finding a Registered Officer (RO) for the entity trying to set up its CorpPass account. Above all, the Registered Officer requires a SingPass account to begin the process of creating a CorpPass account.

As stated by the Ministry of Finance, the Registered Officer can be any person involved in the business entity, as long as the individual in question is a “key officer”.

CorpPass Administrators
The second step is appointing the entity’s CorpPass Administrators as the main figure to manage the CorpPass account. The Registered Officer has to appoint a CorpPass Administrator, and he or she can appoint a maximum of 2 account Administrators.

Following his or her appointment, the Administrator then has to head to CorpPass’ website to register for an Administrator account. Nominated CorpPass administrators will need a SingPass account to proceed with the process of setting up a CorpPass account.

Once logged in, the Administrator will need to enter the company’s UEN and their personal information. A CorpPass ID needs to be entered, as a username to log in and out of the account. The Administrator then requires approval from the Registered, either via online approval or uploading a physical Letter of Approval signed by the Registered Officer.

CorpPass Accounts
Once approved by the Registered Officer, the CorpPass Administrator can create CorpPass accounts and manage access to government-provided services. There are four types of CorpPass Accounts: CorpPass Administrator, Sub-Administrator, Enquiry User and CorpPass User.

Within an entity’s CorpPass account, Administrators and Sub-Administrators are in charge of managing access to the government’s digital services. This is carried out by the Administrators, by selecting their desired digital services and assigning access to their colleagues to handle the transactions with the appropriate government bodies.

To conclude, this guide have given you a clear, step by step look at setting up your CorpPass account. Eventually, all entities in Singapore will an account and it would be beneficial to set up your account earlier rather than later.