Role of NEVIS in SingPass/CorpPass Integration

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NEVIS, AdNovum’s flagship security suite, is currently utilised by several financial institutions and government agencies across the world. With its modular nature and open interfaces, NEVIS allows for the smooth setup of SingPass and Corporate Pass (CorpPass) in Singapore, while eliminating the need for time-consuming modifications to current systems. With future-proof frameworks that maintain long-term security regardless of new expansions, NEVIS has proven to be a trusted partner to countless organisations and government establishments.

The way NEVIS enhances IT security while augmenting the current system’s usability is through its adaptive context-aware authentication (ACAA) plug-in, which analyses behavioural context data to map out a security profile specific to each individual logging in. By processing unique information such as login time, IP address, location, country, client device and security questions, the plug-in is able to determine whether to enable a user to login and access an application. During a login attempt, the user’s security profile is compared to the context data of the actual login. For instance, if a user tries to login at a time, location or through a device that is not well-recognised by NEVIS, the ACAA plug-in will treat the login attempt as abnormal and take the appropriate measures.

Additionally, ACAA does away with the hassle for two-factor authentication (2FA) that slows down the logging on process. Compared to 2FA, context-aware authentication is far more effective in protection against credential theft. In cases of credential theft, username/password combinations, tokens, smartcards, smartphones can be stolen and used to obtain unauthorised access to sensitive data. As the credentials of an authorised user is used, two-factor authentication systems may not recognise the login as malicious. On the other hand, context-aware security means that any logins that deviate from established behavioural data will be scanned as anomalies. As a result, attacks can be prevented the instance they occur.

Beyond fending off credential theft and sophisticated attacks, the ACAA plug-in works in the background, constantly monitoring and safeguarding critical information. Users can work uninterrupted and conduct online business transactions without the fear of being digitally compromised. This in turn enhances productivity levels of organisations in the long run. Aside from exorbitant security breaches no longer being a threat, businesses can also save costs on operating processes given the ease and convenience of NEVIS.

The workload is also distributed between users and security admin, through passive and active reactions to anomalous logins. Security warning emails are sent to the system administrator, when there is no need to involve the user, allowing them to focus on other important issues. In the event of an active response, the user may be required to solve a CAPTCHA. With NEVIS’s layered security, businesses are granted a secure digital environment to work in.

Furthermore, NEVIS provides highly comprehensive functionalities for SingPass and corporate pass (corppass) in singapore. With flexible configurations that do not require any coding knowledge, electronic services can be programmed to stay up-to-date on any future SingPass and CorpPass enhancements.

With its cost-effectiveness and future-forward security infrastructure, it is no wonder NEVIS is widely used among private and government organisations in Singapore.