Importance of Including IAM Products in IT Security Strategy

identity access management products

A comprehensive IT security strategy will not be complete without including identity and access management (IAM) products to protect the confidentiality of a business’s data and information systems. By having a well-planned IT security strategy that considers potential cyber threats and includes the best solutions, the business or organisation can quickly recover and focus on continuity. Threats can range from cyber attacks from competitors to a computer virus that caused software to malfunction. Regardless of their origin, cyber threats can result in massive losses for the business if confidential data is compromised or leaked. An effective IT security strategy can ensure that the business can defend itself against threats and prevent the exploitation of data and information systems.

Identity and access management is a detailed framework of policies and practices that are used to grant or deny an individual’s right to access protected resources. When incorporated into an IT security strategy, a business can use identity and access management products to control and monitor access to its applications, databases and servers. While controlling and monitoring access is a primary reason, there are several other secondary reasons why business should engage in identity and access management services.

The following are reasons why it is important for businesses and organisations to include IAM products in their IT security strategy:

Reduce chances of data breaches

With IAM solutions such as multi-factor authentication, the chances of security breaches are lowered, as users must provide more evidence to prove their identity before they can access a business’s resources. That will prevent users from accessing data that they were not authorised to know, allowing important information to be kept within the selected users with access. The use of encryption in IAM solutions will also ensure that sensitive user identity data is not compromised, reducing the chances of security breaches.

Create a centralised way to control access

As a business expands, its applications, databases and servers increase as well, creating a need for the IT professionals in the company to have a consistent way of controlling access. IAM solutions allow authorisation and authentication functionality to be consolidated on a single platform, creating a centralised method for access control. Thus, if a user leaves the business, the IT administrators can immediately revoke the user’s access, ensuring that the person can no longer access any of the business resources that are integrated with the IAM platform. Other than protecting the business’s data, IAM solution will also help to improve user experience, as customers can interact with the business through multiple platforms while enjoying the use of single sign-on (SSO) technology. Users will then not come across multiple security interactions that are preventing them from quickly accessing the resources, increasing their user experience and satisfaction.

Helps to reduce security costs

By including IAM products in its IT security strategy, a business can reduce its security costs in the long run. A single IAM platform enables security administrators to control and monitor user access more efficiently; ensuring the business remains protected from security threats even with less personnel on hand. Apart from saving on labour costs, IAM solution can also help to automate certain critical security aspects like managing identity authentication and authorisation, reducing the chances of costly mistakes being made.

For an IT security strategy to be effective, it is important that IAM products be included, as the business can then have greater control over users’ access to its resources. With greater control, IAM products can prevent cyber threats from gaining access to a business’s resources and eventually reduce business losses. Other than ensuring that the business is less likely to face issues like security breaches, IAM solution also allows the business to enjoy benefits like having a centralised platform for access control and cost reduction.