How to Secure Your Email With Outlook 2 Step Verification

outlook 2 step verificationMicrosoft Office outlook two factor authentication ensures that your Microsoft account is protected and no one else can log into your email. 2-step verification uses your credentials as well as your contact number (known as security data). Even though there is a chance that someone gets access to your password, he/she cannot break into your email account without accessing the security data. It is no different in Singapore. That’s why you should always make sure no two or more passwords are same while manning different accounts.

You can choose to secure your email account with Microsoft Outlook two-factor authentication through a phone number, an email address, or a mobile verification application. As soon as you log into your Outlook account from a new place or on a new machine, a security code is sent to your mobile app, contact number or email. The code is like a onetime password that allows you to sign in and access your account. Turning off the two step verification may be risky for your Outlook account.

How to turn the two tier authentication on?

Follow this process to turn on Microsoft Office Outlook two factor authentication:

    • Click on the Security basics tab on the Microsoft website and enter the password to log into your Microsoft Office Outlook account.


    • Click on the checkbox to turn on the two step authentication under the more security options tab.


  • Complete the process by saving the changes.

Note to remember:

If you are using Microsoft Outlook email 2FA, you will need to prove your identification every time you log on. This implies that you need two methods of contact if you need to reset your password. You must also remember that you cannot log into your Outlook account if the contact methods are lost. You may not be able to access your email account for as long as a month. Therefore, it is essential to maintain three different types of security information, to counter those eventualities.

Using app passwords in place of security codes:

Some email applications on some smart phones doesn’t let you enter the standard security codes. Even after entering the correct password, you may come across an error on a mobile application after turning on the 2fa email security. The error doesn’t let you access the email account. You can use the app password instead of using the auto-generated security code. However, you must not forget that you will receive the app password only if you turn the Outlook two factor authentication on.

Resetting the password while the two-step authentication is turned on:

You can reset the password for your Microsoft Office Outlook account with the help of two methods of contact when you turn the Outlook two factor authentication on. Depending on the security data that you have included to your account, it might signify entering one security code from your authenticator application and entering the second one that was sent to your email account.