Everything You Ever Wanted To Learn About CorpPass

corporate passUsers may have heard about CorpPass or Singapore Corporate Pass, but have no clear idea what it is. CorpPass is an electronic identity for different types of non-profit associations and business houses. It helps organisations to conduct online transactions with the Singapore government.

The benefits of CorpPass for business users:

    • Users have better control over their business. Convenience increases because CorpPass is a one-stop solution for the business concerns. At present, the business houses have to perform online transactions using other electronic identities like E-service Authorization System and SingPass.
    • Having a single electronic corporate pass like CorpPass helps the users who have to transact with several state run agencies because they will not need to remember numerous user IDs and passwords.
    • The companies will have better control over their employees as the employees can access the government electronic services only if the company grants them access rights.
    • Data protection will improve as well. Employees generally share their SingPass user IDs and passwords with other colleagues so that they can help them complete complex business transactions such as tax filing. While doing so, business information may leak out in spite of being protected with 2FA SingPass password. Now, if there are different user IDs for personal and professional use, the business and the employee information stays protected.

The rise of CorpPass:
CorpPass was initiated in 2016 with the final update being rolled out in December 2017. New digital services were added in phases. The business users were informed about the digital services that were added, on the official website of CorpPass, through email alert to CorpPass Officers besides other media.
More than two hundred state-run electronic services that are administered by approximately sixty government agencies have taken the help of the corporate pass or CorpPass integration program.

How does CorpPass work?

    • To start using the corporate pass or CorpPass, it’s important that the users know the employees with the following designations:
      Registered Officer – The person can be the owner, corporate secretary, director, or partner of the business in question. The individual is registered as a Unique Entity Number Issuance Agency or Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority. There can be multiple Registered Officers within a particular business.
    • The Registered Officer can authorise a person as a Key Executive who has the right to hire a new Administrator under the CorpPass umbrella. That Key Executive can be a Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer or a person having equal stature.
    • CorpPass Administrator – These professionals are hired either by the Registered Officer or the Key Executive for setting up, managing and monitoring the corporate pass accounts and the Security Assertion Markup Language protocol associated with the business and the employees. SAML authentication is a regular procedure for web browser SAMLSSO or Single Sign-On.

Final words:
The business, as well as the non-profit organisations, could use SingPass 2FA setup for digital transactions with the government till CorpPass or singapore corporate pass takes over. Those who are still not registered with the government have the freedom of using SingPass just like they did earlier.