Complete Guide to Setting up Your SingPass Account

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To setup a singpass 2fa singapore system account, one does not have to be a rocket scientist. However, there are certain steps that need to be followed to setup and register the account.

The SingPass 2FA is a security gateway for access to over 60 government services in Singapore, with the help of a single username and password. The residents of Singapore primarily require SingPass when they want to transact with various government institutions. Now the question is: how does one set up and register into a SingPass account? Here is the complete procedure for users.

The preconditions

Before a user attempts to setup the SingPass 2 Factor Authentication account, the individual has to ensure that they qualify for SingPass, based on the following criteria:

    • The person is at least 15 years old


  • The person is a Permanent Resident of Singapore or a Singapore citizen or a holder of the Employment Pass or an eligible holder of Work Permit for working on the soil of Singapore.

They then also need to ensure that the address mentioned in the NRIC or the FIN card is correct. However, that can be updated as well.

The simple step by step guide

    • The first step involves going to the SingPass website


    • Then it’s time to register for SingPass


  • Finally, it’s time to setup SingPass account

Let us go to details:

    • First, the users will have to 


    • Click on the ‘Register for SingPass’ option.


    • Checking the eligibility for registering in SingPass account is the next step and for that users can find an option that asks whether the user is eligible for not to set up the setup SingPass 2FA Singapore 2 Factor Authentication system account.


    • The next step is checking whether the address that is mentioned on the NRIC/FIN card is correct.


    • Then it’s time to go through the terms of use and agree to them and then clicking on the “Register Now’ account.


    • Now it’s time to feed in the personal details.


    • Once done, punch in the verification code. The Date of Issue of the NRIC or the Pass can be viewed at the back of the card.


    • Once the fields are filled up, it’s time to ‘submit’


    • Once it is done, the SingPass password is delivered at the mailing address, registered with SingPass. It generally takes 5 working days for the password to be delivered at the address.


    • Once the password is received, users can begin to set up the 2 Factor Authentication system in their account.


    • Once in the account, users need to fill in in the contact details like mobile number in the appropriate fields.


    • As soon as changes are made in the account, SingPass will send notification messages to the registered mobile number of the user.


    • The user needs to opt for the preferred mode and then click on ‘Next’.


    • Now the OTP or One Time Pass is sent to the registered mobile number as well as to the email address for verification of the contract details.


    • Then the SingPass password needs to be entered and the ‘next’ option has to be clicked.


  • This completes the registration.


2FA is a very important part of ensuring that SingPass is protected for all its users. The use of a second device to authorize the use of important government-related services means hackers cannot invade SingPass accounts very easily.

Because of this, 2FA is being implemented in different types of software all over the world. To install the 2FA system into your own software, you should consider hiring a website security expert who will be able to perform these actions on the back end.