Activating Two Factor Authentication in MS Outlook

microsoft outlook email 2fa

The term, ‘Two-step verification’ is often also called ‘two-factor authentication’. Some refer it to as ‘2FA’ as well. Technically speaking, it is a highly advanced layer of security, which allows you to access accounts, such as Microsoft Accounts. This is purposefully done to make hacking more difficult and to ensure that users have better control over their accounts. This extra layer of security is also included in MS Outlook, as each and every Microsoft service essentially connects through one common account.

Even if a password is guessed correctly through hacking technology, it becomes virtually impossible to crack the account without any knowledge about the second layer of authentication. When we talk about the singapore outlook two factor authentication system, the same principle is followed.

Microsoft offers to its users 3 different ways of setting up the 2-step verification mechanism. Also, a secondary email address or phone number can be used as an authentication step. An authentication app can also be configured as another level of authentication. When that level is set up, users need to enter a security code, which will prove that the person logging in is the authorized person.

The process of setting up and activating the two step verification

Let us see how the Singapore Outlook Two Factor Authentication system is set up. This process is similar across different types of 2FA systems.

It is possible to set up and activate the two-step verification system using either an email address or a phone number. However, as per the Microsoft directives, it is better to configure the application to authenticate the account on a smart phone. The advantage of using this mobile application is that the process becomes easier and the security code is delivered to the user, in case the device is not connected to the network.

    • First, people need to open the link that is meant to access the security settings on the Microsoft Account and sign in to the MS Outlook account. Then the name and the account settings need to be clicked.


    • The next step involves clicking on the link that helps setting up the two step verification, followed by a click on ‘Next’.


    • In case of setting an account, which is connected to the mobile service, the option “App” from the drop down menu needs to be chosen.


  • Thereafter, the type of device needs to be selected.

In case the device is a Windows phone:

    • First the authentication app needs to be selected


    • Then it has to be launched and tapping the ‘+’ button will help you add a new account


    • The camera button should come into play thereafter and the barcode needs to be scanned for pairing the device.


    • Now it is time to type in the code that the phone generates at the last step.


  • A click on the ‘Next’ option will finish off the activating of the 2-step verification system.

For an Android phone:

If it is an Android mobile, the Singapore outlook two-factor authentication process involves the following steps:

    • Install the MS Account application and launch it.


    • Tap the setup now button


    • Enter the parameters of the account that needs to be associated and press on ‘Next’


  • Now tap ‘Finish’ to complete.


While installing 2FA for a user’s account may seem easy on their end, there is actually a lot of work that goes into the building of the system. This allows for such easy and intuitive end product. If you are a company that would like to implement 2FA into one of your products, you should then find a website security consultant who can best assist you in that venture.