3 Vital Tips For Finding The Right Cybersecurity Partner

Did you know?

Over 86% of businesses have stated that they feel underprepared regarding their ability to protect themselves and mitigate the losses from a cyberattack – yet none of them have surprisingly set out to improve or change matters.

Cyberattacks are no strangers to both big and small businesses; with Yahoo, Uber, and even social media behemoth Facebook being one of many.

Given that roughly 60% of small businesses go out of business due to a cyberattack – what can you do in order to prevent yourself from being one of them?

The answer is as simple as enlisting the help of cybersecurity companies in Singapore to prevent your business from falling victim to the horrible consequences of cyberattacks and data breaches.

However, finding the perfect partner can be a challenge, especially without any prior knowledge or experience. Here are 3 essential tips to help you make the right choice and regain control of your company’s security!

Tip #1: Prioritize performance.

Cyber criminals and hackers today are becoming smarter in creating new, more complex and hard-to-detect threats – increasing the need for better and more robust security measures.

Rather than just preventing threats when they happen, your blockchain solution provider should also be focusing on detecting threats early in order to keep up with the next-generation of cyberattacks.

In addition to choosing a partner with a strong reputation in your particular industry, be sure to keep a look out for reviews from past clients, as well as the proper credentials that can assure you of the company’s ability to execute the right selection of tools, practices and technology to protect your company and website.

Tip #2: Look for companies with comprehensive solutions.

While it might make sense at first to work with a partner that “specializes” in a particular solution – it can be limiting in defending against a variety of threats.

Cyberattacks don’t lean towards any particular type – it is always best to work with a partner that offers the most comprehensive protection, including identity and access management that covers all possible information security domains.

Not only will it save you both time and effort in the long run, but it is always easier to manage a one-stop solution with a single, competent provider.

Tip #3: Continuous technical support.

Cyberattacks don’t always happen during office hours – protecting your business against them is never a one-time deal.

When something happens and you need urgent assistance, you need to ensure that your security partner is able to have your back. They should be able to provide support even after the initial engagement is over, and give plenty of advice and sound recommendations on the solutions that best fit your needs.

The best providers build long-term relationships with their clients, have clear protocols on communication, and are genuinely interested in the safety of your business.

Ultimately, seek out the ones that is most performance-driven and cost-effective, while providing the right array of essential services – you will be surprised how much it can dramatically improve your business’s bottom line and reputation!